I'm aTerms and conditions

1. By using the Service, you agree that you will NOT download, recreate, copy, redistribute, re-upload (on pornographic sites and other websites) or sell the contents of this website www.pearlsushmaa.com

2. www.pearlsushmaa.com is not a pornographic website, it does not have any explicit pornographic content.

3. www.pearlsushmaa.com contains artistic nude videos and / or photoshoots, lingerie photoshoots and / or videos, belly dancing videos, of the artist "PEARL SUSHMAA" only.

4.The website will be updated every 1st and 16th of each month with a new video and required changes to the website at that point in time.However, it is upto the artist entirely, whether or not to upload a new video compulsorily on the 1st or 16th. The artist may upload the videos early or later depending upon the artist schedule, availability and on the occasion (she may decide to upload on a particular day example, on the festival days or New year, or any other holidays, of that month, etc.) 

5. Harrasing the artist to upload or not upload the videos, by calling, emailing, sending threatening messages on her whatsapp, bullying, cyber stalking, her Instagram and her other social media accounts, revenge porn (uploading her videos on pornographic and other websites), is a punishable offense, it will not be tolerated by the artist and will be reported with their details to the cyber crime authority immediately.

6. The membership is annual, once you join you are a VIP member and get access to all her contents for a period of 1 year only. However, the website is still in its nascent and developing stage and requires changes from time to time, hence there could be changes in the pricing plans and access time period.

7. The artist may decide to shut down the website or not upload any more content depending upon her physical, and mental health conditions or any real life situations that the artist could be facing at that time.

 The amount once paid is non-refundable.